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September 8, 2008 | We launched this site a little over 5 months ago and trying to keep up with the news currents and activist events has been a real effort at times. We have had success reaching other alternative websites with our featured articles and we are thankful for their support.

Moving forward we hope to provide more original content and video coverage of future events. You can support our efforts by spreading our website to your friends, family and various locals on the web.

We are still, looking for a few quality authors to contribute articles on a regular basis. We are looking to recruit writers from all across the political and ideological spectrum, so if this sounds good to you, drop us a line.

If you like what you see and want to help promote the site, be sure to check out the Partnership page.

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Harold Gray


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About the JustGetThere Team

We are a focused group of activists who intend to build a platform that enables individuals to make an impact in the world. Our mission is to provide the tools to educate, collaborate and initiate positive change that will challenge the status quo.

We are not sponsored by, or linked to, any particular group, political party, organization, religion, ideology, or government. We want to provide an open forum for discussion of ideas, rethinking preconceptions, and building networks across party and ideological lines. Our dream is to see Republican and Democrat, vegan and hunter, leftist and right-winger, and any other “opposites” you can think of, sitting across the virtual table and hashing out ways we can all put aside our differences in order to build a better world.

About the Site

There are three sections to the site:

  • JustGetThere:The main site. A place where we will be posting relevant articles, videos, events, and other media that will help us all make a bigger impact on the world.
  • RightThere:The social network of JustGetThere. This is your platform to create your base of operations in our network. Create your profile and upload photos, videos and info to reflect your interests. Find like minded people and start groups to take on the issues for positive change.
  • Are We There Yet?:The JustGetThere member forum. The content of this site is driven by you. Post topics, debate issues, find common ground.

As of right now, all three sections are undergoing construction and testing. Some are more complete than others. Right now, we need your help. Please submit suggestions, encouragement, scathing critiques, or anything else you think would be useful in helping us make JustGetThere the best site possible.

We have the opportunity to build a vast community that can unify and create a beneficial shift in the social paradigm. So where do we want to be? In a place of understanding and respect for each other. A place where the individual has the ability to act according to his or her will without coercion or aggression from an external authority. It’s time we realize that we have the power, we can effect change, we can take control of our destiny in life. This is the place we want to be, in a society of individuals empowered by information and the wisdom to discern it and make informed decisions to improve themselves thus improving society.

We hope you’ll join us.

Harold Gray – Founder, Chief of Concepts and Development, Chief Editor

Ben Godwin – Chief of Designs, Concepts and Development

Kerry Gray – The Muse